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Why High School Boys Need The Odyssey Program

The Odyssey Program Wants the Best for Young Men

Given the right tools and a fresh perspective, every boy can let his true self shine!

There is no shortage of negative press when it comes to today's youth.

Violence, sexual abuse and promiscuity, drug and alcohol addiction, robbery and other crimes and general bad behaviour are rife among teenagers. There is also widespread depression, stress and suicide. Young males, especially, feature heavily in our daily dose of bad news.

Everyone is quick to point the finger of blame but rarely does anyone step forward to offer a real solution.

In developing The Odyssey Program we have recognised that it is unrealistic to expect the pressures and pitfalls of modern living to disappear or for society to suddenly respect and nurture the diversity amongst our teenage boys. But while changing the world may not be an option, changing the way individuals choose to think and act within it most definitely is.

We believe that the potential to live a happy, fulfilling and honourable life is already present inside each and every boy. Our workshops have been designed to help them put aside unhelpful preconceptions of what it means to be a man and to connect to themselves and one-another from a place of authenticity and respect.

We at The Odyssey Program have enormous faith in the young men of Australia. We believe in their capacity for good conduct and joyful living and we want to help them realise it!

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