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What We Do

We deliver workshops in schools around Australia on topics relevant to Teenage Boys

Odyssey Program Workshops are Fun for Teenage Boys

Your boys will have a blast while learning important life skills with The Odyssey Program!

We travel to your school to deliver a series of workshops - as selected by you - to educate your boys and to open discussions that will help them become the best men they can be. (We also offer useful information evenings for parents and teachers!)

We have a team of experienced and passionate presenters who know how to bring out the best in your boys through conversation and activities around topics that are often either taboo or glamourised in modern male culture.

Rather than just focusing on so-called 'troubled teens' we prefer to work with an entire year level of boys - in co-ed schools, this means giving them a day away from the girls to focus just on 'boy stuff'.

The information we present is valuable to all.

Indeed, while emphasising the unique value of each boy we help them to see that they are all in the same boat when it comes to the confusing and often daunting task of managing their journey into manhood. We believe this helps to foster empathy, understanding and relational support  among the boys and is therefore an effective addition to your school's efforts to combat anger and bullying, depression and suicide, substance abuse and disengagement, and other issues in the school community.

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