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Willem Metzer

Workshop Presenter

Willem Metzer | Workshop Presenter | The Odyssey Program | AustraliaWill ("Willba") is an enthusiastic, optimistic educator and entertainer who wishes to inspire the youth to make a real difference in their lives.

With an array of wonderful personal mentors, Will has had a colorful work life since graduating from Mercedes College in South Australian 1997. He has played many sports at top levels including: Tennis, Badminton, Soccer and Indoor soccer, sailing to name a few. Will travelled the world extensively and has worked in many diverse industries in his professional work life.

The son of a Professor of Animal behavior, Will has always been interested in behavior and the way in which people develop people skills which propel them to a life of happiness and fulfilment. Will has recently developed a program designed for school kids focused on: Psychology, People skills and Physiology in a program called Momentum Education. Similarly, he has been an entertainer and jazz performer having acquired these skills early in his work life having worked in hotels and cruise boats.

This experience has allowed him to thrive as an entertainer in Australia and abroad. He is a Jazz educated musician/singer and is the Director of his own music agency and also has his own Big Band- the ‘Will Metzer Big Band’ which performs at festivals Australia wide. Further, he is also developing a program which is called ‘Entertain Australia’ designed at assisting kids and communities in the promotion of their creative abilities and future artistic opportunities. This program aligns with the ideas and values of the Odyssey program and Will hopes to bring the two programs together in the future.
Having lived in many countries in his life, Will went busking around the world with an accordion at age 18. He lived in Belfast Northern Ireland as a young adult and this experience has had a profound effect on the rest of his life. Similarly having travelled to ‘Auschwitz’ and other monumental places in the world; these experiences have taught Will how ideological views and how racism and sectarianism can detrimentally affect peoples’ lives. In this sense it is Will’s belief that he can assist people in changing their mindsets to be intelligent achievers and assist them in the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment despite any adversities.

Will has a Masters of Education along with an Applied Science Degree in Sport and Recreation Management and is a Master Professional of Tennis Instruction ( ATPCA- Sydney).

He reads widely particularly of sociological perspectives and believes that language and literacy and understanding of various areas of life allows for gaining broader perspectives and maintaining open mindedness. This is evidenced in Will’s passion for ongoing learning and acceptance of alternative educational practices such as: Buddhist meditational practices, the understanding of Finland’s educational system and the implementation of Cognitive Behaviour Management and Mindfulness practices into his teaching.

Will is currently completing a Bachelor of Psychological Science at Flinders University in the quest to further his knowledge of neurological processes and how behaviour and cognitive capacities are affected in turn. Will has been involved in education and teaching since 2000 and is aligned with the Odyssey program as he wishes to make a ‘real difference’ in people’s lives.

The Odyssey program is so vital in the lives of the young these days as self-awareness and leadership skills along with relationship building are paramount in the making of successful positive thinking young adults. Will’s energy and passion for life are his real strengths and he is delighted to display this through the Odyssey program.


• Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Planning and Management
• Masters of Education (Graduate Bachelor)
• Diploma of Jazz Performance
• Certificate life coaching
• Master Professional Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association
• Bachelor of Psychological Science in completion

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