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About Us

We Help Australian Teenage Boys Become the best men they can be

About Us | Workshops for Teen Boys | The Odyssey Program | Australia

Helping boys to envision the man they will become and to prepare themselves for the amazing journey ahead!

The Odyssey Program visits secondary schools with a fun and engaging day of workshops packed with information and activities for teenage boys. Through interactive education and presenters sharing their life experiences, we hope to provide the boys with a set of tools that will assist them in taking positive action toward their own growth into manhood.

In addition, our passionate aim is to challenge adolescent males to open up and talk about issues that really matter to them. In a safe and open forum, our expert presenters are able to facilitate powerful group discussions, helping boys to realise that they are all in the same boat when it comes to the confusions and challenges of maturing into manhood.

At the end of the day we are guaranteed to have everyone thinking a little differently - teachers included!

The Odyssey Program is founded on the basic cornerstones of understanding, respect, personal responsibility and the innate human search for happiness. The program draws on the insights of traditional wisdom and modern research to focus directly on the needs of boys today. It is suitable for all schools.

Please take the time to explore our website. We hope you will share our enthusiasm and we invite you to invite us to your school to help make a difference.

Help us reach a nation of young heroes as they embark on life's great journey!

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