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Resources for Boys

Useful Information and Links For teenage boys

Useful Information for Teenage Boys Australia

Confused? Don't worry - none of us are born knowing everything! This page of resources for teenage boys was put together for you, to try and answer some questions you might have about health, sex, friendships and more!

We've put together some useful information for young men in response to the questions we receive during an average day of workshops and that are passed to us anonymously via feedback forms at the end of the day.

Use the links to navigate quickly to any topic you are interested in. Be sure to read over the rest later - some of this information may turn out to be very useful for you or a close friend some day.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health

When you become sexually active, it is important to inform yourself of the risks and to take appropriate measures to keep yourself and your partner safe.

The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing have published some good general information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and safe sex on their website. There is also help finding clinics where you can get tested for STIs  (they are usually free and confidential):

If you have had unprotected sex you should get tested for STIs to ensure your health and to protect your future partners as well. Many STIs do not show symptoms but you may still have them. Even if you only ever have 'safe sex', you should consider having regular sexual health check-ups (every 6-12 months if you are sexually active). Many STIs can be cured in the early stages and all will respond better to treatment if detected early. STI checks are quick and easy and will put your mind at ease. So it really is worth getting tested. If you cannot locate a sexual health clinic near you then simply speak to your local GP.

For more detailed information regarding STIs, have a look at the I Wanna Know website. You will find info on chlamydia, HPV, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and other common diseases.

Did You Know? Putting on two condoms actually increases the likelihood that they will break or fall off! Condoms were designed to be used one at a time. If you have decided to have sex and you are concerned about premature ejaculation, practice breathing more deeply and more slowly. Relax. Take time to slow down and connect with your partner. This makes for a safer and more emotionally fulfilling experience!

Finally, why not challenge yourself to become a master of Sex-Fu!

Consent and Sexual Assault
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