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10 Things You Need To Know

Information Evening for Parents

Gold - 10 Things You Need to Know About Teen Boys

Keep pace with a changing world and stay connected with your teenage sons (and daughters).

The world of teens is changing at an incredible rate - how can parents keep up with it all?

Come along to our parent night that demystifies what teens are trying to tell us and find strategies and tools for helping your sons and/or daughters through this confusing time.

We wil cover current 'Teen Trends' as well as ways to engage and open up pathways for meaningful conversations with your child.

Question time and a handout with resources, books, Apps, website is provided.


Parents who attended an evening with us gave us the following feedback:

"Excellent. Well Done! Very informative and a must for all parents with teenagers."

"I loved the evening and thank you so much for the opportunity. I found it interesting, factual and feel blessed to have an amazing son. Please continue to spread your knowledge."

"Well presented, excellent, very professional and top marks! Interesting to find out what my son will be learning about (and what he will make of it all – All Good!) Thank you. Keep up the great work!"

"The parent night I found very informative but it was this afternoons trip to football training was very interesting with my son telling me about the great day he had [with the Odyssey Program] with the questions that came out of the box. We both had a belly laugh. Thanks again for visiting Blayney."

"I thought it was a fabulous evening. I am so glad I came and that my husband came too. I have a really close relationship with my sons and what you have said tonight has really cemented that I am on the right track. I feel that our boys are often over looked and undervalued. It is good to see someone who is so impassioned about the lives of our boys. Thank you so much."

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