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Journeys into Manhood

Boys Journeying Together

The Odyssey Program challenges teenage boys to ask themselves, “what kind of man will I choose to be?” Our workshops are uniquely designed to address the concerns of adolescent boys growing up in today’s society.

Now more than ever, teens are bombarded with highly-targeted marketing messages through commercials, video games and music videos which present a confusing array of immature, one-dimensional images of masculinity.

High-speed media and 24/7 social networking access mean that teenage boys can see anything, say anything, do anything that they want online, in constant contact and influence over one-another, without restrictions but with real-world consequences.

In an era of unprecedented information exchange, teenagers are paradoxically left without adequate instruction on how to take care of themselves and their friends as they grow into adulthood. More and more young men are turning from the confusion towards drugs and alcohol, porn, violence, depression and suicide.

The Odyssey Program gets boys talking about the issues that affect them. We question media myths about masculinity, discuss what’s most important in human relationships, and offer down-to-earth insights and advice on how to navigate the intellectual and emotional waters of this stage on their journey.

We believe in the inherent goodness of each young man. Their challenge is only to see through illusions and to discover their own true sense of manliness and purpose in life; to discover the man beneath the mask.


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