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Helping Your Boys Become Good Men

We run workshops in schools around Australia to assist teenage boys on their journey into manhood


See what thousands of boys around Australia have found so useful! Our interactive workshops cover masculinity, mateship, decision making, drugs and alcohol, leadership, resilience, respectful relationships and more!

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What To Expect

Learn about how we deliver the program and what you can do to prepare the space and help your boys make the most of the day. Includes easy step-by-step instructions for bringing The Odyssey Program to your school.

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We are humbled to have received so much incredible feedback from teenage boys and their teachers over the years. Click through to read just a small selection of what people have said about our program and presenters.

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The Odyssey Program is Australia's Leading In-School Program for Adolescent Boys

Our research-based workshops explore issues important to teenage boys. We frequently update our content to keep pace with youth culture and we use best practices for teaching boys. Our experienced presenters are experts at connecting with teens and making sure the material is understandable, engaging and relevant to their needs.

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Give your boys a day to remember forever!

Our Presenters

Meet Our Team of Passionate Workshop Facilitators

Our amazing presenters have an incredible depth of knowledge to share with teenage boys to help them face the challenges of life. Each presenter has a heart-felt connection to the work we do and brings their own unique insights to the program. Each also has a willingness to share stories from their own life experiences of becoming men, which teenage boys really appreciate.

We know your boys will connect with our presenters and will love spending a day with them!

Bring The Odyssey Program to your school!

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